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Why You Shouldn't Bother Aerating Your Lawn Yourself

We recently reviewed why it’s important to aerate your lawn at least once a year. You might be wondering though if this is a chore you can just take care of yourself instead of hiring professionals. While we certainly can appreciate the desire to do it yourself, taking ownership of your lawn and maybe saving a little money, we think there’s a few things you might want to consider before setting aside your Saturday for this particular job.

First, doing lawn aeration correctly requires some pretty expensive equipment. You may have seen some cheap tools in the hardware store that consist of spikes, either on roller or some other kind of assembly, that are advertised as providing aeration for your lawn. We’ve even seen some fairly goofy tools that attach to your shoes and provide aeration just by having you walk around your yard! The problem is, these devices are not properly aerating your lawn. By simply shoving spikes into the ground, they may be offering some assistance for your lawn, but they won’t match the benefits you’d get from “core aeration” which operates by pulling out plugs of dirt to fully aerate. These cheap spike devices can even make your lawn worse, because they’re compacting soil around where the spikes go in, making it harder for your root system to grow out. To aerate your lawn properly with core aeration, you have to buy more sophisticated equipment, that can cost a good deal more. When you consider that aeration is a task that’s only needed once or twice a year, buying such equipment, not to mention storing it, becomes more of a hassle than it may be worth.

Another issue to consider is the expertise involved. With some of the cheapest tools you might buy (including the ones that attach to your shoes) they make it difficult to ensure that you’re aerating your lawn in a consistent pattern. Even with the proper tools, you need training to run the equipment to the best effect. It’s easier than you might think to over aerate some spots in a lawn and neglect others. Again, the fact that this is a task that’s not done on a regular basis means you’re not likely to get much practice at it, or remember what you learned when you did. Our crew not only receives professional training to give your lawn the best treatment possible, they’re out working lawns every day, honing their skills to get just the right balance and consistency that your lawn deserves.

Finally, it’s worth asking how you really want to spend your time. You work hard all week, and aeration can be a dirty and uncomfortable job. Is that really how you want to spend the time off you get? Consider the time you could spend with your family instead, or going somewhere fun! Or our favorite, imagine instead just sitting down with a nice beverage and relaxing. Lawn aeration is a great habit for keeping your yard in it’s best shape, but it doesn’t have to be a drag on your weekend. Give us a call today!