Wild violets & lawn weed control

Wild violets are a common sight in many suburban lawns in the midwest. They’ll often take the form of rivers of purple navigating through even the lushest of green grass. If you’re the type of lawn owner who prizes a homogeneous yard with clearly manicured and delineated lines, you might find these tiny flowers growing in your lawn to be a source of annoyance. Even if you aren’t particular about your yard grass, you may need to get rid of the violets because they can serve as an invasive species, spreading and killing off other plants in your yard. They’ll take over a flower bed or vegetable garden quickly if not addressed.  But if you’ve tried to get rid of them, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself dealing with even more frustration.

The reasons for this are fairly interesting. First, the leaves of the wild violet have a waxy coating on them which prevents most herbicides from being absorbed. The leaves are typically fairly dense for their size, and actually can serve as a healthy vegetable to add to your summer salads if you’re willing to let them grow enough. Reportedly, some varieties have a slight vanilla and wintergreen flavor. Further, the plants have stems that grow below ground, called rhizomes. These allow the violets to store water and nutrients, so even when you cut them down, the plants grow back fairly quickly. This is also the mechanism that allows the violets to spread so quickly over your yard. The rhizomes grow out and produce buds and roots in the surrounding area without needing to wait for seeds to spread. Even if you dig out the plants you may not get rid of them, because if even a small portion of rhizomes are missed, the violets will come back.

Getting rid of the violets requires a multi-pronged approach. Specialized chemical spray will help prevent the rhizomes from spreading as quickly. Regular mowing will keep them from flowering, and mulching will prevent them from getting a foot hold in your vulnerable flower beds and gardens.

To save you the work and give you complete lawn care, our staff have the tools necessary to get the job done. Whether it’s for wild violets or any other weeding plant, we’re here to help. Call us today!