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Why Organic Mulch

We have been excited about a new service we’ve added for this season, mulching. One question we’ve had asked since launching our mulching service is why we chose to use organic mulch for this new service.

There are a variety of mulching services available on the market today, and different ones will have different application. We selected organic mulch because it has both the widest possible types of applications, but also has the best benefits for your yard.

Plastic or rubber mulch are another common type of mulch, but they don’t have the absorbent capabilities of organic mulch. What’s more, which these inorganic mulch choices do a good job of reducing weed growth, they don’t do much else for the nutrient levels in your soil. Of course, there’s also the issue that these inorganic mulch choices are harder on the environment. The industrial process that produces plastic or rubber mulch also produce a large amount of air pollution, also if the inorganic mulch isn’t removed and disposed of properly, they can cause long term damage to your soil.

Organic mulch not only prevents weed growth, but also absorbs moisture to allow a more regulated water cycle for your flower beds and gardens. Over time, organic mulch breaks down and releases helpful nutrients into your soil. And because organic mulch is usually produced as a byproduct of other harvesting processes, it has a much lower negative impact on the environment.

We are extremely excited about the possibilities presented by our new mulching service, and we cannot wait to show you how our organic mulch can benefit your landscaping projects. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more!