Over the winter months is the best time to get lawn care quotes.  In NKY, and many other parts of the country, most lawn care companies are not nearly as busy as they are during the growing season.  This makes for the perfect time to contact your lawn care service provider for information regarding the upcoming season.

If your current provider needed to raise their rates, this gives you time to shop around if needed.  Please remember that you get what you pay for.  A lower initial quote does not always turn out to be the best option.  Companies are often upselling, or even charging for items that should just be included in the original quote to compensate for their low ball quote.  This is bad business in my opinion.

Loyal Green aims to be the best lawn care service provider in NKY.  We focus on honesty and quality work.  We do our very best to keep our overhead down to keep your price as low as possible.  Another thing to consider when reviewing quotes, is insurance and compliance of the company.  They may be able to offer lower pricing because they are not paying taxes, do not carry liability insurance, or even fail to carry the required workers comp.  This can leave you in a bad situation if something were to happen on your property while they are working.

A solid company should have no problem quoting new customers during the growing season.  It would just be a better experience for all involved if this was done during the off season.  I hope this helps!