Lawncare & Landscaping Companies Near me: Mulch Calculations

Mulch Calculations

Always edge before laying mulch.  This will give the beds a clean, defined appearance and keep the mulch from running off into the grass and onto pavement when it rains. Applying a pre-emergent before laying the mulch will greatly reduce the number of weeds that will pop up throughout the year. This chart will help […]

Time for a Prune Up

The idea behind pruning is to give your plants, shrubs, and trees a uniform appearance and remove any dead foliage. Make sure whatever type of tool you use to prune your plants is sharp and make crisp, clean cuts. In the spring and the fall is the best time to prune almost anything.  You want […]

Lawn Mowing Services: Make the Most of Mowing

Make the Most of Mowing

Make sure your blade is SHARP.  If it is dull it will tear the grass instead of cut it and that puts a lot of stress on the grass. Most grass in the area should be cut at 3”, maybe 3 ½” in the summer.  When cut at the proper interval, 1/3 of the blade […]

When (and how) to Water Your Lawn

Water in the morning if at all possible.  If you water in the afternoon a lot of the water will evaporate before soaking deep into the soil.  DO NOT water in the evening.  That is the fastest way to get a turf disease. Water longer or deeper, NOT more often. When you water deep it […]

Lawn Care Calendar Guide

The purpose of this article is to give you a quick overview of how to properly maintain your lawn and landscape in the Northern Kentucky area.  Many of these principles would also apply to other areas with similar climates.  I will not go into great detail on each task.  I just wanted to make a […]

Best time to get lawn care quotes?

Over the winter months is the best time to get lawn care quotes.  In NKY, and many other parts of the country, most lawn care companies are not nearly as busy as they are during the growing season.  This makes for the perfect time to contact your lawn care service provider for information regarding the […]