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How to Choose a Tree for Your Yard

How to Choose a Tree For Your Yard

Choosing a pet can be a difficult task. You have to take a number of items into consideration, the size of the pet, the amount of time different pets may need for care versus how much time you have available, and what needs the pet may have compared to your home. And of course, all […]

Your Pets Could be Killing Your Lawn

Your Pets Could be Killing Your Lawn

Driving around a beautiful suburban neighborhood, you can easily spot at least a few of the homes that have pets, without ever once seeing the animals themselves  or the more stereotypical signs like a dog house or a collection of toys. What is it that so quickly and easily identifies these homes, without such simple […]

Crabgrass: Public Enemy Number One

Crabgrass – Public Enemy #1

Crabgrass, or digitaria sanguinalis is a problem grass that you may come across in your yard. It creates tough clusters that can swiftly take over a poorly cared for lawn. While considered a weed today, crabgrass was originally brought to the Americas from Europe by settlers because it served as a high protein grain that […]

How to Prepare Your Lawn for a Summer Party

How to Prepare Your Lawn for a Summer Party

Summer is one of the best times of the year, and the best part of summer is having backyard parties! Spread out the chairs, set up some tiki torches, and fire up the grill! Before you invite everyone over though, you’ll need to make sure your yard is ready. Unlike having a party indoors, you’ll […]

How to Reduce Bugs in Your Yard

Keeping Bugs Out of Your Yard Part 1

We’ve reached the high-point of summer, with the days as long as they’re going to get, and we truly hope you’ve been able to enjoy this time outside in your yard as much as possible. We know, however, that there’s a big challenge that some folks may have with their yard, bugs. Whether it’s gnats […]

Core Aeration Tips for the DIY Homeowner

Core Aeration Tips for The DIY Homeowner

An aeration is the single best thing you can do for your lawn.  A core aeration is much more beneficial than a spike aeration.   A core aeration will take plugs from the soil.  This allows air and nutrients to travel more easily and deeper into the soil. It also gives roots more room to expand […]

What to Look for in a Lawn Care Service Provider

NKY’s Spring Lawn Care Update

What should I look for in a lawn care service provider and how to find the right one? Great question!  If you are not wanting to handle the lawn and landscape tasks yourself, here are some pointers to help you find a reputable lawn care service provider. #1 – Search Online – If a business does […]

What Should I be Doing for my Lawn in April

What should I be doing for my lawn in April?

If you are the DIY type, here are some helpful tips to make sure you stay on top of your lawn and landscape needs.  First, bust out that equipment and make sure it is working!  If you did not winterize your equipment there is a good chance that the gas has gone bad and may […]

The Importance of Fertilization

The Importance of Fertilization

Fertilization is key in having a healthy, beautiful lawn.  As the grass uses the nutrients in the soil they become depleted and fertilizing the lawn replenishes the nutrients so the grass can continue to thrive. Applying the right type of fertilizer, at the correct rate, and at the right time is very important.  A homeowner […]

When to Seed

When to Seed

In the spring or fall.  If you seed in the spring you want to get your seed down between mid March and mid April.  If you seed in the fall the best time is in September.  Seeding too late in the fall may not allow enough time for the young grass plants to establish their root […]