How to Plant a Tree in Your Yard for Arbor Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes Arbor Day is a celebration of the trees that have helped sustain human civilization for centuries. The first recorded Arbor Day was celebrated in Spain in 1594. The tradition was launched in the United States as a local practice beginning in 1872, but the first Federal Arbor Day proclamation was given by President Teddy Roosevelt […]

Questions to Answer Before Building a Koi Pond in Your Yard

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re always a fan of new landscaping projects to pick up, and a one landscaping feature that’s been increasing in popularity in recent years is a koi pond. Based in part on water features used in some asian architecture, a koi pond adds a sense of beauty and balance to your home. If kept healthy, […]

Why Organic Mulch?

Reading Time: 1 minute We have been excited about a new service we’ve added for this season, mulching. One question we’ve had asked since launching our mulching service is why we chose to use organic mulch for this new service. There are a variety of mulching services available on the market today, and different ones will have different application. […]

Choosing Plants for Your Landscaping

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring has arrived! Now is the time to get back outside, working on your yard, and preparing for the beauty that summer could bring. Imagine your lawn as a blank canvas, and you are the painter. But what colors will you use? To further this analogy, the plants you decide to add to your yard […]

Why You Shouldn’t Bother Aerating Your Lawn Yourself

Reading Time: 2 minutes We recently reviewed why it’s important to aerate your lawn at least once a year. You might be wondering though if this is a chore you can just take care of yourself instead of hiring professionals. While we certainly can appreciate the desire to do it yourself, taking ownership of your lawn and maybe saving […]

Why Aerate Your Lawn

Reading Time: 2 minutes February doesn’t seem like a time of year to be focusing on your yard, rather you might think you should be focusing on clearing the driveway and sitting inside with some hot cocoa. Unfortunately, the winter snowfall has been doing some damage to your lawn over the last few weeks, creating a weight that’s been […]

Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unfortunately, it is with great sadness that we must admit that summer has gone, and even chillier days are ahead. While you might be looking forward to quiet evenings spent indoors with a hot cocoa or a hot toddy, (either with a few shots of some bourbon to help the warming bit) there is still […]

Keeping Bugs Out of Your Yard Part 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes A little while back, we reviewed a few ideas on how to keep your yard free of bugs. As we reach the closing days of summer and turn into Fall, it remains important to keep these ideas in mind. It’s worth remembering that none of these are completely fool-proof. Nature is often unpredictable, and there […]

How to Choose a Tree For Your Yard

Reading Time: 3 minutes Choosing a pet can be a difficult task. You have to take a number of items into consideration, the size of the pet, the amount of time different pets may need for care versus how much time you have available, and what needs the pet may have compared to your home. And of course, all […]

Your Pets Could be Killing Your Lawn

Reading Time: 2 minutes Driving around a beautiful suburban neighborhood, you can easily spot at least a few of the homes that have pets, without ever once seeing the animals themselves  or the more stereotypical signs like a dog house or a collection of toys. What is it that so quickly and easily identifies these homes, without such simple […]