Lawncare Companies Near Me: Mulching Service
Lawncare Services Near Me: Mulching Service

Beautify your yard with Loyal Green's mulching service!

What is involved in Loyal Green's mulching service?

We place a layer of organic mulch over a selected area, such as a flower bed or garden. We bring the mulch, clean up afterwards, and we will even help you select a color.

Mulching is one of the best ways to quickly and dramatically improve the look of your yard.  But there are many other benefits you may not know about:

  • Reduces weeds
  • Protects the soil it’s placed over, by preventing compaction and absorbing moisture from watering or rain.
  • Insulates your planting soil, helping it withstand the varying temperatures of our crazy Cincinnati weather.
  • Keeps the sun from overheating and drying out your soil. It absorbs evaporating moisture so it can be released back into the soil when it cools off.
  • Prevents snap freezes from damaging root systems.
  • Organic mulch has the added benefit of slowly composting down and releasing more nutrients into your soil over time.

We’ve all had really great intentions of planting, weeding, and mulching, but how often do we get around to it?  There are a dozen other things that we want and need to do on nice days. If we do spend time on our lawn, it can be out of frustration instead of joy.


Let the experts at Loyal Green handle the mulching.  Save your energy for more fun things and skip straight to enjoying your outdoor space.

Anywhere in your yard that you’re planting, really!

Flower beds, gardens, or tree bases can all benefit from a mulch covering. Our specialists will be able to help you identify the best places in your yard for a mulch application, and identify the correct amount of mulch to use. Mulching can benefit your yard year round, so we’ll offer to schedule follow up visits to reapply as needed.

Contact us for a free quote on mulching service, either by itself or as part of a total lawn care package this season!