Lawncare Services: Other Services
Lawn Care Services: Other Services

In addition to lawn mowing and lawn treatments, we also give our clients the option to add on perimeter pest control and flower bed weed control.  

Excellent choice for all of my lawn care needs. My partner is in-and-out of town a lot for work so my lawn care needs are constantly changing. Loyal Green is always dependable and easy to contact. I love the ability to pay my invoices online and the crew is always super friendly. On several occasions in early Fall, they even knocked on my door to make sure I wanted them to mow (grass wasn't very tall) when they could have just mowed and sent me the invoice. These guys are not out to just collect a quick buck. They are true professionals who can easily adapt to your changing needs!


Diane P.

Florence, KY

Lawncare Services Near Cincinnati Ohio

Perimeter Pest Control

Keep your home bug free using environmentally friendly insectictide products.

Approximately every 3 months we will spray the foundation of the home, along with any doors, windows, vents, etc. that can be safely sprayed from the ground or a deck with bifenthrin.

The product we use to create the barrier is so safe for people and pets that the label states it is allowed to be used in your kitchen.

Lawn Care Services Near Cincinnati Ohio

Flower Bed Weed Control

Our bed weed control service will keep your beds looking great all season long.  We pull them and spray them as needed while we are there performing your mowing or lawn treatment service.

They have always been 100% professional and do an awesome job.


Hebron, KY

Above expectations, they even move my garbage can down the driveway for me after mowing instead of
leaving it in the middle of the driveway like most places would do.

Jeff B.

Cold Spring, KY

Great job at a great price. Everything looks beautiful.

Greg D.

Burlington, KY

This is a very good company. I've used them for several years, and I am impressed with the high quality of services they provided. If you need ' ANY LAWN SERVICE' I recommend you try Loyal Green.

Debb S.

Elsmere, KY

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