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How to Reduce Bugs in Your Yard

We’ve reached the high-point of summer, with the days as long as they’re going to get, and we truly hope you’ve been able to enjoy this time outside in your yard as much as possible. We know, however, that there’s a big challenge that some folks may have with their yard, bugs. Whether it’s gnats buzzing around your ear while trying to enjoy an outdoor party, mosquitoes sending you inside with itching welts, or fleas that leave your poor cat or dog in desperate need of an itch bath


What do you do though? Chances are, like many folks, you’re nervous about spraying chemical pesticides all over your yard just to keep these bugs at bay, while possibly contaminating your water table. We’ve got some options for you to reduce the bug invasion of your property with a few simple tips around the house.


Watch out of standing water and other breeding areas - One of the biggest steps you can take to curtail bugs in your yard, especially mosquitoes and other small flying pests, is to get rid of any standing water in your yard. This can include everything from maintaining your gutters to  cleaning out objects in your yard. If you’ve got a play area for kids, for example, check it after any rain, as small puddles will sometimes accumulate in the seats of swings or dips in a backyard slide. Landscaping comes into play here as well. Consider any low spots in the yard that might harbor standing water after an especially strong rain. These spots will need to be addressed with a landscaping plan that ensures proper drainage not only to prevent bugs, but also to encourage the health of your grass. Make sure trash is properly stored during the week as well. It can often be problematic ensuring that you have your trash stored while waiting for pickup somewhere away from the house to avoid the smell in your living areas, but also secured so that it isn’t interfered with by neighborhood pests. A tight sealing lid on a trash can that is free of holes is a great way to ensure that not only are smells maintained, but local critters aren’t getting into what, for them, is a bonanza. Finally, you may have lawn fixtures that include standing water, like small ponds or bird baths. Consider adjusting these fixtures so that the water is kept moving with fountains or other pump setups, as this makes them less attractive to bugs as a breeding ground.


Keep your yard trimmed - You may not have thought of it, but keeping your grass trimmed and maintained is also a great way to ensure your yard is pest free as well as looking good! Overgrown grass can attract bugs and larger pest such as snakes because it provides excellent shelter. Taller grass also makes it easier for bugs to make the jump from the grass to you, hitching a ride into the house where they can enjoy your sweet sweet air conditioning. When trimming the grass, it’s also important to make sure you’re removing the clippings, which when piled up can also create a welcoming shelter for bugs and other critters you’d rather not have around. Regular lawn care can also discourage larger animals like rabbits or deer from coming into your lawn. These animals often carry ticks and other pests with them, leaving some of them behind when they go. It’s also worthwhile to consider fencing for much the same reason. While it can certainly be relaxing to watch a doe and fawns quietly move across your grass first thing in the morning fog, it’s worth remembering that they may be bringing unwelcome visitors along with them.


Keep Your Pets Clean- Look, we all love our cats and dogs, but tis’ worth remembering that they are animals you are likely letting come in and out of your home. Fido or Snowball is adorable, but they also represent a feast for fleas and ticks. Regular baths can go a long way to keeping such critters at bay, or at least keeping them from crossing from your yard into your home. Also, cleaning up after your pets is important. (read: picking up their poop)  In addition to providing a welcome invitation to unwelcome bugs, pet waste can kill your grass by wildly throwing off the chemical balance of your soil.


Unfortunately, even with these tips, some bugs are just too stubborn. Maybe because of where you live, or because of a particularly aggressive season, you may still need help. The good news is our experts are ready to assist. We can review your yard for care needs that will further reduce things like standing water that attract pests, while also offering our specialized kid and pet safe treatment services. The chemicals we use are environmentally safe and according to the label could even be used in your kitchen if necessary! Call us today so we can get you back to enjoying your yard and what is left of these long beautiful summer days.