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How to Prepare Your Lawn for a Summer Party

Summer is one of the best times of the year, and the best part of summer is having backyard parties! Spread out the chairs, set up some tiki torches, and fire up the grill! Before you invite everyone over though, you’ll need to make sure your yard is ready. Unlike having a party indoors, you’ll have special considerations to take when having a party in your yard.


One of the risks of a backyard party is the invasion of pests. Here in the midwest, mosquitoes are the greatest annoyance, but other insects will also try to crash your party. You want to check for any opportunities for standing water in your yard to alleviate this, as it will attract all kinds of critters, especially annoying biting insects. Ensure your lawn is draining properly and get your gutters cleaned out. We have services that will help you with both.


Whether your lawn features a wood deck or a concrete patio, scheduling a power washing before the day of your party will go a long way to giving your lawn it's best appearance. Mildew that builds up in the crevices of the surface of these fixtures will be removed, and return them to a like new state. Our professional power washing service will be preferable, as you'll need to be careful to not remove paint or staining from these surfaces, unless you're planning to spend the day repainting or restaining them before the party.


Take a look at the lighting for your party area. Especially if you're planning to host until later in the evening, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of light, while it to a warm and welcoming glow. Consider a number of alternatives, like automatic solar lights, candles, or battery operated LEDs


Finally, take a look at the condition of your lawn. Just like you'd want a clean carpet for a party indoors, having a healthy and vibrant lawn is crucial to a beautiful outdoor party atmosphere. Brown dead patches are not only unsightly, but can be exacerbated by the foot traffic of a backyard party. The good news is, a strategic treatment can bounce those patches back to full health in as little as ten days with regular watering. We can handle the whole process for you, as well as give you after care tips to ensure the healthy lawn lasts well after your party is over.


We hope you have plenty of warm summer days to enjoy, and many successful parties to celebrate. Give us a call today to help make sure your lawn is ready!