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How to Plant a Tree in your Yard for Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a celebration of the trees that have helped sustain human civilization for centuries. The first recorded Arbor Day was celebrated in Spain in 1594. The tradition was launched in the United States as a local practice beginning in 1872, but the first Federal Arbor Day proclamation was given by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1907. Today, Arbor Day is celebrated worldwide and the Arbor Day Foundation reports they are on track for a goal to plant 100 million trees by 2022.

As part of celebrating Arbor Day, Americans are encouraged to plant trees each year. If you are a homeowner, planting a tree in your yard is a great way to not only participate, but also increase the curb appeal of your home. A well placed tree can help set your home apart, and becomes an item that helps mark the difference between a house and a family home. A tree planted when your kids are little becomes something you’ll have them pose in front of when taking pictures for their high school graduation, or when they bring your grandkids home to visit.


Choose a tree

To plant a tree in your yard, you’ll first need to choose the type of tree you’ll be using. Identify a species that’s able to grow healthy with the weather in your area. A good local nursery will be a huge assistance with this. You’ll want to also make sure you aren’t selecting a possible invasive species, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife keeps a helpful online list here. Also give consideration to how much space you have, some trees may require extra space for their roots system. You’ll want to make sure it’s not being planted too close to your home’s foundations or any of your water pipes, as some species have roots which could cause damage. Finally, keep in mind you’ll want to plant for how the tree will grow, not just what it looks like now. A sapling may seem fine by your window today, but after a year or two of growth, its branches might be pushing against those same windows.


Dig the hole

Dig the hole a few inches deeper than the container your tree came in, and a few inches wider on all sides. Keep the soil loose and dampen it with a spray of water. Remove the tree from the container it came in, and shake the root ball to loosen it and add to the hole. The goal is to keep the roots of your tree loose, but without air pockets. The tree should sit in the hole deep enough that the top of the roots is even with the ground level. Fill in the extra space around the roots with compost and topsoil. You’ll want to press the soil in around the roots, but not too firmly. Again, the goal is to fill in the space, but not overpack.



Once you have the tree in the ground, you want to water it. The soil around the tree should be damp, but not soaked. You don’t want mud, only to ensure that there’s plenty of moisture for the trees roots to absorb in the initial 24 hours after planting. After having watering the tree, you’ll want to add some mulch around the tree. The mulch layer should be no more than two inches deep, but leave an inch or two of space around the trunk of the tree. This allows the much to insulate the soil around the tree, but not allow for mold growth around the trunk itself. Our mulching service will include proper coverage with organic mulch. Regularly water your tree going forward anytime your area goes without rain for a week or two.

Regardless of how you decide to mark Arbor Day, our qualified experts are ready to help keep your lawn in the best shape possible Call us today to schedule a visit, and we’ll have your lawn standing out in no time!