Fertilization and Weed Control

We are taking an innovative approach to Fertilization and Weed Control.  Our new approach includes regular applications of a specially formulated Compost Tea to support microbe life and deter fungi, mold, and disease.  The result will be a beautiful, healthy, and weed free lawn.


Format for New Fertilization and Weed Control

8 Applications:

  1. March- Pre Emergent to deter the growth of some broadleaf weeds and most grassy weeds
  2. April- Fertilizer and Weed Control- an early fertilizer will help promote good turf health leading into summer, while taking care of any weeds that may sprout
  3. May- Spot Spray to eliminate any new weeds or reoccurring weeds
  4. June- Fertilizer and Weed Control- Provide the turf with fertilizer to promote good turf health through the summer months
  5. July- Spot Spray to target any weeds that may survive the dry summer months – check for signs of disease
  6. August- Spot Spray to target any weeds that may survive the dry summer months
  7. September- Fertilizer and Spot Spray to help promote growth as the temperatures begin cool down.
  8. Oct/Nov – Heavy Fertilizer to promote a deep, healthy root system and to store nutrients.

*Our Compost Tea is included in Rounds 1,2,4,7, & 8.

Pre-Emergent (or Pre-M) is a herbicide we put into our spray tank for the early spring application.  Pre Emergent is applied directly to the turf and is used to eliminate weeds before they sprout.  This means that once Pre-M is applied weeds that are developing in the soil will be terminated.  Pre-M does not affect existing weeds in the turf; we utilize a post emergent herbicide to control these weeds.  Pre-M is much more effective against preventing grassy weeds (I.E. crabgrass) than it is against broadleaf weeds (I.E. clover and dandelions) and sedges (nutsedge).

Fertilizer and Compost Tea are the paving stones to a healthy, weed free yard.  Compost tea is packed with nutrients to support microbe life that strengthen the plants making them more able to fight off disease, fungi, and mold.  The fertilizer is also important because it gives the lawn added nutrients that the compost tea cannot.  These nutrients include nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and iron.  As all of these nutrients are applied to the turf, they are absorbed by the foliage or the root system and then channeled through the plant.  Some nutrients are also stored for future use, such as over the winter months when the grass goes dormant.  The result you want in a fertilization and weed control program is a complex root system.  The more complex root system, the healthier the turf.  A solid root system penetrates the soil downward and also breaks off horizontally like veins.  The further the root system moves down in the soil, the stronger the grass, and the better adapt your grass will be to fight off disease, drought stress, and rapid changes in the climate.

Post emergent herbicides allow us to control weeds that do enter the turf.  We either broadcast spray the herbicide over the entire lawn or when possible we spot spray to limit our use.  This hand held can contains water and a weed suppressant.  When we come up on a weed while spot spraying, we spray all the way around the weed ensuring we hit all exposed foliage and get some product around the plant so it can be absorbed through the root system.  If you do not get the entire weed, it will not completely die, and then it comes back because the roots were unaffected.  When this happens, it is not good.  Not only is the weed still there, but it allows the weed to spread, create more weeds, or get bigger.  We do this over the whole lawn to ensure that every single weed is seen and eliminated.  Some weeds are harder to control than others.  Violets, crabgrass, and clover are extremely difficult to control.  Some weeds have began to build a tolerance to control products while others have a waxy shell or tiny hairs which keep the product from being able to enter the plant.  These weeds may take multiple applications to completely eradicate them.  Being thorough is KEY!

If you want your lawn to stand out please consider our top of the line lawn treatment program.

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