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Auto-Pay Discount


Mow & Grow Discount


Pre-Pay Discount

Automatic Pay As You Go Option Explained:

On this payment platform, we would hold your credit card information on file.  We will run your card every Tuesday IF a service was performed the week prior.  We wait until the following Tuesday to make sure you were satisfied with your service before you are charged.  You save 3%!

Mow and Grow Combo Discount Explained:

If you use both of our core services, lawn mowing and lawn treatments, we will give you 5% off each quoted price.  This offer must be used in conjunction with the automatic payment method.  If you would prefer to pre-pay, then the 7% discount would be applied instead of the 5% discount.  Many customers choose to pre-pay for their lawn treatments to get the 7% discount and take the 5% discount on their mowing service via the auto-pay platform.

Pre-payment Option Explained:


The pre-payment option is just like it sounds.  We offer a whopping 7% discount if you would like to pre-pay for your services for the entire season by check or credit card.  Any unused pre-payment balance will be refunded at the end of the season or can be credited towards the next season.