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Can Lawn Care Companies Cut Your Lawn Too Short?

Cutting your lawn is a chore that not every homeowner loves. Particularly when it’s a heavy rain season, it can feel like a chore you never really get done. Grass keeps growing, seemingly at a rate that you can never really keep up with. Some homeowners start to ask themselves, “Why not just cut it shorter?” Like the guy who shaves his head twice a year to avoid ever paying for a haircut, you may think it’s a good idea to cut your grass extremely low just to avoid needing to mow so often. Unfortunately, your lawn can’t grow back in the same way.

The blades of grass that make up your lawn are leaves, and as with any other plants, these leaves are filled with chlorophyll. This chlorophyll powers photosynthesis, which is the biochemical reaction that your grass lives off of. If the blades of grass are cut too short, there isn’t enough chlorophyll surface area left to properly run the photosynthesis reaction, leaving your grass starving to death. Assuming you haven’t already killed the grass, you can rescue it by laying down fertilizer, watering, and giving the grass time to grow back. You’ll also be reliant on the weather to play along, as a few heavy sun days will help.

A good rule of thumb is to always cut only a third of the height of the grass in your yard at a time. Doing much more than that can create a severe shock to the system that could sicken or kill most grasses. Think of it like suddenly putting someone on a starvation diet. Even if the person were overweight, the body could have all kinds of unhealthy reactions if you overcorrect too quickly. If your grass has grown too tall, you’ll need to take several passes at the lawn. Each time only cutting about a third of the grass height.

To know specifically how deep you can cut on a regular basis, you’ll need to know the species of grass that makes up most of your lawn. Different varieties of grass have different ideal heights, and for most lawns you’ll have a mix of different grass types. Taking the different species into consideration, you’ll be able to consider the ideal height for your full lawn.

The best way to keep your lawn healthy and happy is to get consistent mowing by a professional team. Call us today to schedule a summer long service, the first cut is free! Our trained staff are ready and waiting to help.