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Lawn Care Service

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Our lawn treatment service simply delivers results.  Sometimes this is also referred to as a lawn care program or fertilization and weed control program.  Whatever you call it, our program creates dark green grass and elimates weeds.  We think you will love it!

Lawn Treatment Service

 (6 Treatments per Season.  It is a liquid program.)

Every service includes:


Ascience Compost Tea

Supplemental Fertilizer

Weed Control

Extra Special Attention

lawn treatment service

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fertilization and weed control service

Lawn Care Service Details


We include:

Free Service Calls

Grub Control

Insect Control

Full Rate Pre-Emergent

Crab Grass Control

Nutsedge Control

Violet Control



We love dark green, weed free turf.  That is what our program delivers.  After 11 years of treating lawns, Ryan has perfected our program.  We are focused on providing an environmentally friendly service.  That is why we use our Ascience Compost Tea as the backbone of our program.  This allows us to decrease the amount of synthetic product needed to deliver results.  We had your kids and pets in mind when delevoping our program.


Please keep in mind, most companies have a large upcharge for grub control.  This is included in our standard program.  Grub activity has increased in recent years and it should be getting addressed in your lawn care program.  It should not cost an arm and a leg either!  We would love to care for your lawn so you can experience the differnce at Loyal Green.