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lawn care gaurantee

Our Guarantee:

Our guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with your lawn mowing or lawn treatment service, or you will not have to pay for that service.  Of course, we would love the opportunity to make this right for you, but if we cannot, you will not be charged.  For us to honor this guarantee you simply need to email us with your concerns within 72 hours of the service in question.  Phone calls are okay too, but we would prefer written documentation.  It is really that simple.  We are confident you will be satisfied with our service.  That is why we offer this, but do not believe you will ever need to use it!

Business Model:

In the Spring of 2016, Loyal Green shifted its focus from being a full-service lawn care and landscaping company to providing lawn maintenance services only.  Our focus is providing the highest quality lawn mowing and lawn treatment services around.  We narrowed our service offering to these two core services to ensure our crews are providing the best service possible to our clients.  This change also freed up our office personnel to concentrate on customer service, which we felt was suffering from all of the time involved in offering landscaping services.  We have contacted several local landscape service providers to be able to connect our clients to the best fit for their specific landscape needs.  Please feel free to ask us for a referral for a service which we do not offer in-house.

  • Auto-Pay Discount 3%
  • Mow and Grow Combo Discount 5%
  • Pre-Pay Discount 7%
  • Client Percentage on Pre-Pay 30%
  • Client Percentage on Auto-Pay 70%
  • Client Satisfaction Rate 97%
  • Effort We Give Everyday 100%

Payment Options:

We offer a pre-payment option, and an automatic pay as you go option.  Each of these options earns you a discount!  If you would like to pre-pay, you will save 7% on your quoted price.  If you pay as you go, you will save 3%.  If you use both of our core services, mowing and lawn treatments, you will receive 5% off and this will be billed using the auto-pay format.

Pre-payment Option Explained– For lawn mowing services the pre-payment amount is based off 30 mowing services in 1 year, if on a weekly mowing schedule, or 15 mowing services if on a bi-weekly schedule.  (Example: $50 was the price quoted per mowing on a weekly basis.  $50 x 30 services = $1500.  $1500 x .93 (7% off) = $1395.)  This can be paid by check or credit card before service begins.  If you sign up for service after the mowing season has begun, we will prorate the number of services remaining based on how many services are remaining in that year.  In the event 30 mowing services are not required, we can refund the remaining balance or credit it to your account for the following year.  In the event more than 30 mowing services are required, we will invoice you for these additional mowing services with your 7% discount still honored.

Pre-payment for lawn treatment services is based off 6 treatments per year.  We can prorate the number of services this amount is based on if you enter the program after it has begun.

Automatic Pay As You Go Option Explained– If you choose our automatic payment option, we will send a consent form authorizing us to charge your card after we have performed each service.  We will bill the agreed to amount to your credit card, less the 3% discount, on the Tuesday following the week of your service.  Our week starts on Monday and runs through Sunday.  This allows you time to let us know if you were dissatisfied with the last service.  If you are not happy with the service from the previous week, we would not charge you for this service unless we can make it right with you beforehand. 

Why do we not invoice at the end of the month?

We have almost had to close our doors several times due to non-payment and slow payment of invoices.  We cannot afford to do this any longer.  Sorry for any inconvenience.