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DIY Lawn Care Tips

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Please contact us with any questions you have.  We are happy to provide you with all the knowledge we have accumulated over the years.  It doesn’t matter if you are a current customer or not.  Just call and ask.

We started Loyal Green knowing that some customers were going to want to do some things themselves.  I would much rather you call me and ask for tips than watch you waste your time, energy, and/or money doing it the wrong way!

Remember…Some jobs are best left to the experts!!!!!!

At Loyal Green, we only offer lawn mowing and lawn treatments performed by Loyal Green employees.  We have developed a network of other small landscape companies in the area to refer you to for your other lawn and landscape needs.  This benefits all parties involved!  We are able to keep our overhead down and provide you with the top of the line mowing and treatment services.  You don’t have to search the internet and call and hope you contact the right company for your specific job.  We know what the other companies are good at, where they work, the quality of their work, and general pricing formats they use.  This allows us to match you to the perfect landscape company to perform the work you need performed.  Many of the landscape companies with work with are solely landscape companies and do not offer lawn mowing or lawn treatment services.

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